We have Insta-Frame Photo Props ready to use!

Come and take a memorable shot at Sushi Takashi.

Instagram Photo Prop of SushiTakashi

Lots of customers are asking us how we made this. So, here it is.

Go to the Instagram-brand website.

In the "Screenshots" section, fnd "FEED" and click to download.

Use Illustrator / Photoshop / PDF Editor software to edit.

Here are some files used to make ours, after adjusting a paper size. It might make it easier for you. DOWNLOAD EXAMPLE

Bring it to the nearest sign/print shop.


Sushi Takashi in Las Vegas

5300 Spring Mountain Rd. Suite 101 Las Vegas, NV 89146

Tuesday ~ Sunday open from 5:00pm to 11:30pm. Closed on Monday

Happy Hour 9pm to 12am


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